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Ninja Tune turns 20

Ninja Tunes is one of my favorite labels and home to such mega-talents as Coldcut, The Herbalizer, Mr. Scruff, Kid Koala, Funki Porcini — the list goes on and on. Chakra Chip Cookies is tracking stuff from Ninja Tune almost on a daily basis. One of the vinyl junkie gurus at Ninja Tune found an obscure, but interesting track almost by accident. It’s by a band called “BFI” and was actually recorded in LA in the late late ’60s and early ’70s by the four Dragon brothers. The song appeared on a soundtrack to a long-forgotten surf flick and , after almost four decades, was rediscovered by Ninja Tunes. They even released the previously unreleased record. Check out the category-defying “Food for my Soul” from the Dragon brothers, recorded around 1970 in somebody’s basement. Download your own copy of the track, courtesy of IODA Promonet.
The Dragons
“Food For My Soul” (mp3)
from “BFI”
(Ninja Tune)

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Podcast Hotel 3

This event is coming up next week in San Francisco and promises to be fairly awesome. I’m looking at podcasting in a big way right now, because the new royalty payments (also known as corporate extortion) may push all of us independent Internet broadcasters to it. We won’t be able to afford the fees for playing music on I truly hope that doesn’t happen, but I’ll keep you posted on the appeals now under way. So it’s off to Podcast Hotel 3 for the feel-good, web 2.0, communal partay! All for professional reasons, of course. Check out details at Podcast Hotel –c u thr, y’all.